Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Stalk in the Woods

Drawing cartoons critical of the GOP right now is a little like picking on the Detroit Lions. Then again, the Lions aren't fond of telling the rest of us how to live our lives.


Run Home Pam said...

Yes, Newt, okay. And Norm and of course Rush. But Demeral? I LOVE DEMERAL!

Daniel said...

Republicans seem to want to tell two groups of people how to run their lives: 1.The very small minority of folks seeking gay marriage, and 2. the 1 million or so women who each year seek abortions.

Last I checked, Democratic legislation is going to tell ALL Americans how to live their lives:

-A LOT more of our money (ie our labor) going to the Feds rather than to our families (ie Cap and Tax, Stimulus Bill, etc)
-Violating free speech (so-called Fairness Doctrine)
-Telling us we can't defend ourselves (gun-ban legislation)
-The kind of cars we can choose to buy (un-Constitutional takeover of GM and Chrysler)
-What lightbulbs we can use in our houses (Cap and Tax)
-What kind of doctor we see and how often (socialized medicine)
-Shareholders (ie owners who put their money at risk) get the shaft and unions get the spoils

There is no disputing that Democrats are far and away the group trying to micromanage the lives of the average American . . .