Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Statuary Gall

I've had a thing about Grover for a while. I spoke with him years ago for an article for Washingtonian. As part of his Reagan Legacy Project, he was trying to bump the first Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, from the ten for you-know-who. An aircraft carrier seems appropriate for now. Still call the DC airport "National."

CNN Cartoon Clicks

Everyone loves a good military success story where training and skill overcome long odds and defeat pure evil. Well, almost everyone.

Kumar Goes to the White House

I wasn't completely happy with how this turned out. "The Dude" is very important to me and I hate to do a ham-fisted job with personal iconography. Also---it's a minor sin not having Neil Patrick Harris in this cartoon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

CNN Cartoon Clicks

Roamin' Catholic

Newt as a Catholic---where to start? The whole genesis, excuse the expression, of his third marriage is a good place. He said he wanted to worship alongside his wife Callista, who is described as a "Devout Catholic" on their website. Let's add it up--their trysts would occur after Newt watched her sing with the choir at the National Shrine of the Basilica. He was running around on his second wife and Callista was already in a relationship with a member of Newt's staff. Yup, he'll fit in just fine. Or maybe I'm bitter because I gave up alcohol for Lent.