Friday, January 30, 2009

Bollywood for Ugly People

I saw and loved "Slumdog Millionaire." I've said "trillion" more times the past four months than my entire life. So I forced the two together and drew a cartoon about it.

CNN Cartoon Clicks

President Obama's inaugural address was many things to many people. His paraphrasing scriptures about putting away childish things stuck with me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm rooting for Obama. Despite his inexperience I think he's got a great skill-set for the job and like most civil rights icons, he's in a hurry. If he wins, we win. I haven't seen much true political greatness in my life. It'd be fine with me if I did. That does not mean I'm not going to be breaking his balls, but rather the opposite.

Cartoon Clicks

I'm rooting for the new guy, but something about all his marvelous iconography is eerily reminicent Mao posters all over China, Che and Castro posters in Cuba. No he's not a socialist, but Americans tend not to do this sort of thing.

Reid is Good

I am frequently asked how editorial cartoonists will continue to make a living without George Bush. Often the implication is that President Obama is so wonderful, we'll never be able to make fun of him. While Bush was a gift that kept on giving, the satirical opportunities were dripping with tragedy. I'm not worried about finding new material. For starters, the Clintons are back.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cartoon Clicks

Okay, Baby New Year is a cliche as old as New Years itself. Undaunted, I had a little fun with it while kissing good-bye to 2008.

Odds on the Odd

While sitting by a fire, my friend Chris Kelly and I discussed how much worse things might get. This cartoon is the bastard step-child of that conversation. Don't tell anyone but I'm giving him the original for his birthday on Friday night.

Image Scrimmage

Some day my kids won't find this cartoon anywhere near as funny as I did.

Scent of a Leader

If you were unsure of my opinion of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, this cartoon should clear that up. What a huge tool.