Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cartoon Clicks

This week's cartoons. The opportunities to satirize Sarah Palin are slipping through my fingers like so many star systems. Vice-President Biden, however, should provide more than enough material to compensate.

Palin by Comparison

Sarah Palin has been a wonderful surprise for us editorial cartoonist-types during this campaign season. Imagine if we had to fill all that space with Lieberman cartoons? Errrrr. Anyway, Sarah going off-message and off the rails is something of a parting gift. Godspeed Sarah Palin.

Thinking Problem

I was struck by the fuss made over Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama. Since when is the support of a two-time Bush-endorser, who was arguably the last man who could have stopped the rush to war, considered a plus? That premise led me to visit some other silliness on the trail. Like how I love Oliver Stone's work but exactly eight years of W. seems like more than enough.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Harvest Swoon

The film TRADING PLACES endures in my consciousness, although Billy Ray Valentine isn't such an astute financial advisor when Wall Street is on fire. Still, he was right about that Russian Wheat Harvest.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cartoon Clicks

This week's cartoons and the insulting nature of the bailout.

Fourth and Looooooong

The Miami Dolphins have been having some success "sampling" the old single wing. I like the new term, "Wildcat," mostly because it shares a name with Eli Cash's first novel, although it was written in an obsolete vernacular. Wildcat.

Roaster Coaster

I've always liked The Gambler (singer, not idiot pitcher) going back to The First Edition. McCain has descended through the six stages of Kenny Rogers. In a barely related segue, check out what condition their conditions are in: