Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doris Earns Goodwill

Have you heard about this book, "Team of Rivals?" Apparently President-Elect Obama has. While I'm nauseated by his deification, it is hopeful that our new president reads and perhaps understands history. I'm not worried--he's got big ears and may be giving the Clintons back to the cartoonists. All is good.

Cartoon Clicks

Last Friday's CNN.com cartoons had me (and the Capitol) venting on the bailouts. How about bailing out newspapers? Vaudeville? Radio serials? I have to admit that one day George Will convinces me to tell Detroit to DROP DEAD. The next day, Thomas Friedman turns me around. I'm nothing if not stupid.

HELP for the GOP

I'm a big fan of Jack Lemmon and his fine film, "Save the Tiger." So I jerked around with the title and created a cartoon that has nothing to do with the movie. Except that in both the movie and reality, the protagonist burned his business down.

I Need A MIracle

There was once a band beyond description whose rhythm guitarist proclaimed he needed a miracle every day (as well as women, one about twice his weight, another about twice his height, but I digress). In the end, John McCain was holding his index finger up in a parking lot. "Need One!"