Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cartoon Clicks

My latest cartoons are available for viewing.

Tour of Futility

My true-believer conservative friend, Lee Weber, draws parallels between the Bush and Nixon administrations far beyond the Constitutional contempt. Specifically, as this cartoon attempts to express, the complete sell-out of any principle to win elections.

Doctored Doctrine

The Bush Doctrine may well be creating Bizzaro Jackie Robinsons . None of his racial and ethnic pioneers have been Hall of Famers.

Fallen Angel of Harlem

I always liked the sentiment about people going to Washington to do good and winding up doing well. Charles Rangel, Korean War Hero, Pioneer, Hypocrite-Tax Cheat.

Of Gusts and Lusts

I probably forced the "Zombie Plan" line at the end, burying my favorite Marx Bros. gag