Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of Nukes and Kooks

So we have two parties. One is completely insane, the other is completely gutless. The system worked!

CNN Cartoon Clicks

Final Football Fix

This cartoon was draw the week after the Superbowl. I was missing the NFL yet resentful that Mel Kiper had begun ESPN's saturation coverage of the NFL draft. That and beginning to think that President Obama is all brain and no cattle.

Alabama Getaway

I don't know which tanker is best for the military, I just know that this is, in the words of my father, a bunch of horseshit.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Story

These are my favorites. I find I do my best work when I can apply events that really matter to me to our usual political silliness.

CNN Cartoon Clicks

Steve Jobs is fun to draw. If you asked school children to draw what a man from the future would look like, Jobs's is pretty much what they would come up with.

Peyton's Out of Place

Sure Peyton Manning makes a ton more than President Obama, but to paraphrase Babe Ruth, he had a better year.

Angel of Waikiki

That was a close one. Editorial cartooning almost lost a guy whose opinions are as easy to caricature as that pile of elephant scat he calls a head.

Learnable Moment

John Edwards, Peter Orszag, Harry Reid, and Ben Nelson. Each one sleazy for a completely different reason.

Cameron Crazies

This was a long way to go to draw Joe Lieberman with a tail.